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TD ~ God died; I survived

Titanium Dragon
5 March
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I am TD, hear me roar!



A Vanderbilt-educated man who uses the Titanium Dragon as his online avatar, TD is an irreligious atheist who enjoys reading about science, fantastic fiction, and gaming, he is simultaneously boring and interesting. There are few notable achievements he can claim; he hasn't changed the world. His ultimate goal is to become independently wealthy and turn to mad science, a goal few can seriously claim, and near-certainly marking him as someone who will never reach his dreams.

Everyone is a unique snowflake. Many take this as encouragement, thinking that as every creature is unique, everyone is special. But it is quite the opposite - in uniqueness also lies conformity. Only those who stand above the rest are truly special; being unique alone is not sufficient to make someone interesting.

As an anti-absurdist, the Titanium Dragon seeks one thing - immortality, the only thing which would prove it to be wrong. Failing that, he wants to impact the world, so that he is never forgotten, and preferably not as the frightened guy whose face shows up for five seconds prior to a very unfortunate series of events.

To him, ultimate goals should be set very high indeed. "If you knock the bar off on your way up, at least you tried, but if you pass the bar by a foot, then you should have asked more of yourself. Only by failing can you truly establish your limits, and once you succeed at a goal, it is higher, always higher."

Be you friend, curious onlooker, or simply here to watch him bang his skull on the harsh ceiling of reality, welcome. You will probably be disappointed.